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David Wilcox

And don’t forget the microscope we all have in our smart phones.  Take a photo and blow it up on your computer...... shows all my sins usually.  An ohm meter and a smart phone are the start of anyones build or repair kit.  In fact I bought a USB electronic microscope a few years ago at Dayton but have never had to use it... my smart phone does all I have needed so far.

Dave K8WPE   

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On Dec 8, 2019, at 1:16 PM, Curt via Groups.Io <wb8yyy@...> wrote:

Yes sometimes seeing can be the issue! 

Better to use an ohmmeter (DVM or other type) to see if there is continuity from 'ground connections on the board - any, they are all connected within the board) to the OUTER conductor of the coax connector.  if this is an open circuit, you aren't properly connected.  (you might be connected to the board but maybe not the case - see note about scraping paint if you case has paint). 

building RF stuff requires some investigation - use a meter always, don't trust your eyes.  don't ask about my own misadvertures!

73 Curt

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