uBitx V4, nextion display and other mods #ubitx


Hello Group, long time lingerer, first time poster.
I've had the uBitx V4 for almost a year now, and have used it for listening a bit, but not much. Recently I met a local ham (VE7PS) that really got me interested in radio again. I have been studying for my license on and off for the last 4 or so years, and now after meeting VE7PS I am making the push. I will be taking the test early January 2020.

ANYWAY, the reason I'm writing, is I'm a tinkerer. and I've done most of the mods to my uBitx; nextion display, ND6T Stockton Bridge SWR with the extra arduino for S-Meter and SWR. Ive also got the small AGC board from kit-projects.com.

My question is; after installing the AGC and the S-Meter, where should I connect the S-meter? it says "Vol-high" but the AGC board has an S-meter pad. The AGC instructions state, that for a V4 board to connect the AGC V to R70 through a resistor instead of through VOL-HIGH. So it seems I have 3 places to choose for the S-Meter: Vol-HIGH, R70 through a resistor, and S on the AGC board.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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