Re: Nextion Question

Evan Hand

Please be sure to use the correct hex file, there are a number of them.

Here is the FileNameInfo.txt listed.  Note that the hex file to use is dependent on the display that you will connect.  The the last part of the name indicates the display.  the file ending in _16P is the CEC software that will work with the original display.  The file for the Nextion displays end in _NX.  The _NX_S is for use with the I2C connected separate S meter.  Go to the Hamskey site to find out more.
prefix   : UBITXV5_CEC_
Version  : Vxxxx (ex: V1.097)
LCD Type : _XXX  (ex: 16x02 Parallel = 16P, 20x04 Parallel = 20P, 20x04 I2C = 20I, Nextion LCD = NX)
Signal Meter Type (Option) : none : Analaog Meter using A7 PIN
                             _S   : I2C Signal Meter using I2C Port
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_16P.hex    : It is the LCD equipped with uBITX. Default LCD, 16x02 Parallel LCD
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_16P_S.hex  : _16P with I2C Meter
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_16I.hex    : 16x02 I2C LCD
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_16I_S.hex  : _16I with I2C Meter
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_20P.hex    : 20x04 Parallel LCD
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_20P_S.hex  : _20P with I2C Meter
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_20I.hex    : 20x04 I2C LCD
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_20I_S.hex  : _20I with I2C Meter
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_16D.hex    : 16x02 I2C Dual LCD
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_16D_S.hex  : _16D with I2C Meter
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_NX.hex     : Nextion LCD
UBITXV5_CEC_Vxxxxx_NX_S.hex   : _NX with I2C Meter

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