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Bill Cromwell

Hi David,

Welcome. I have a Version 3 uBitX and I started using it completely unmodified. There is no need to make any modifications unless you want *more* and of course pay *more*. I made a modification to mine that tames the unbearably loud sidetone in the CW mode. If you don't use CW you can ignore that. The version has questionable harmonic suppression, I use external filters to make mine cleaner. That is not a mod to the radio but is a mod to operating practices. Except that I have always done that:)

The recommendation is to get your uBitX (or any other kit) working as designed first and after you see that everything works pick and choose mods that might work for you. I use the CEC software but the radio itself is unchanged and can be returned to original by simply loading the original software. It sounds as though you like the bigger, color, touch display. I find the original display adequate.

Enjoy your uBitX. Merry Christmas and...


Bill KU8H

On 12/5/19 10:51 PM, David Alexander wrote:
having just walked in the door a couple of days ago, there seems to be quite a bit of mods that can be made to the ubix radios. my question is where does one start to add the lcd displays to this radio using the kd8cec software.
whats necessary hardware wise to use the nextion displays?  what is necessary for the software also?
dave k7da
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