A replacement for the Raduino


Having received a third hand Bitx40 I was faced with the problem that the Raduino was not providing the LO signal output.  When you know some stuff you can do some stuff so I ginned up a new source that provides both the LO and BFO signals and along the way added two VFO's, USB/LSB Select and a TUNE Tone. I now have this working on FT-8 and WSPR. See the details at http://n6qw.blogspot.com.

If you want the code there is an email link on the blog. Did I also mention it has a cool Green Letter LCD.

BTW I am also looking to add a 6 Meter Transverter to this project --still in the noodling stages. If anyone wants to sell a Bitx40 -- I have a crisp $10 plus US shipping for you. Same email address

Pete N6QW

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