Nextion Question


I have a working ver5 uBitx using the "stock" display. I want to now use a 3.2" Nextion and CEC software. Could someone point me to the proper sketch. I am using what I believe to be the proper sketch and have set up ubitx.h like this:
// Compile Option
//Ubitx Board Version
#define UBITX_BOARD_VERSION 5           //v1 ~ v4 : 4, v5: 5
//Depending on the type of LCD mounted on the uBITX, uncomment one of the options below.
//You must select only one.
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602P        //LCD mounted on unmodified uBITX (Parallel)
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602I        //I2C type 16 x 02 LCD
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602I_DUAL   //I2C type 16 x02 LCD Dual
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004P        //24 x 04 LCD (Parallel)
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004I        //I2C type 24 x 04 LCD
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_NEXTION_SAFE      //Only EEProm Write 770~775
#define I2C_LCD_MASTER_ADDRESS_DEFAULT  0x27     //0x27  //DEFAULT, if Set I2C Address by uBITX Manager, read from EEProm
#define I2C_LCD_SECOND_ADDRESS_DEFAULT  0x3F     //0x27  //only using Dual LCD Mode
After wiring in the Nextion I have power (it lights up), but no apparent link to the radino code. Pushing in the sd card does nothing (it's loaded with ubtix_32_E.tft) either.

I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. At the moment I am at a loss as to how to proceed.

Kind Regards,
73, Dennis W7DRW

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