Re: Wiring up usb to back panel - V5

Morris Ford <morrishford@...>

Thanks for responding David.
What I was thinking was to plug into the raduino with a mini and solder the other end to a panel mounted usb jack, There is a usb jack like that in the stuff that came with the rest of the ubitx stuff. I was hoping someone had done the same or similar and had the wiring layout.


On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 3:06 PM David Forrest <drf5na@...> wrote:
Google for a mini-USB to panel adapter -- Instead of hacking a cable and connector to adapt the Arduino Nano's mini-USB jack to a panel jack to plug your computer into, you can use a ready-made cable.  On Amazon, there looks like mini, type B or type A panel mount options available for under $10. 

Or depending on which ends of the cable you want to hard-wire, you could chop up a cable and solder it to the Nano or the panel. 

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