Re: How to get rid of Local FM broadcast stations #ubitx

Vince Vielhaber

The first thing to figure out is where it's REALLY coming from. Are the stations' transmitters really close to you? Do you hear them on any other receiver tuned to the same freq(s)? Are they coming in on the same freq? What freq(s) are you hearing them on?

Vince - K8ZW.

On 12/01/2019 06:05 PM, gdesplin@... wrote:
I just wired up my v5 uBitx and have it on the table and have have an
EFHW antenna plugged in. I am picking up two different loud FM stations,
one is 97.7 and the other is around 104. When I unplug the antenna I
can’t hear them. How is this solved? Or what might be causing this? I am
new to both HF and kit radios. Thanks.

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