Re: CEC 5" Enhanced Nextion Files #images

Murray Wills (ZL2IQ)

This is possibly a power supply problem. You need to power the 5” screen from a different power supply than the 3 line screen as it draws too much current. I used a $9 step down converter from 12v to 5v capable of handling the current drain.

73 Murray ZL2IQ

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Subject: [BITX20] CEC 5" Enhanced Nextion Files #images
Need help with the CEC Nextion Enhanced 5" file.
I downloaded both the HMI and TFT ready to go file and no matter whether I compile the file
In the Nextion editor or use an SD card to install the TFT card I get a 1" image on the display.

Am I the only one seeing this or am I doing something wrong.
It is a genuine Nextion Enhanced display.

Am I doing something wrong or have the files been messed with?
Thanks for any help.

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