Re: InKits Nextion case power wiring

Justin Phillips K5AXL

I think their power schematic is more a suggestion or how Sunil did it. If you have no need of a battery connection you can leave that out. The power schematic they provided does depict dc barrel power going to the 3 way rocker switch first, then to the fuse. I'm no EE, so I don't know if there any technical advantage to putting the main switch before or after the fuse, but I wired mine the way their schematic/pics show it, just left the batter connection off. I was thinking of putting the case fan on the second position, so I can power on with or without the fan running.

They have a download available with lots of pictures and a couple schematics to help explain their intended wiring.

Scroll all the way down for the Nextion case files.

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