Re: Anyone used the ELEKITSORPARTS digital interface board? Opionons? #ubitx #digital

Justin Phillips K5AXL

Thanks for the update Cory. Mine shows to be in Illinois now, so maybe a couple days away. Did you install the TX to the PCB or to the mic lines?

As for the Arduino reset issue, I have mine currently connected to the pc directly with no issues, other than the radiuno stays constantly powered, which is funny - I get some faint receive audio without the main power switched on. I have the Inkits 5" Nextion case, and I plan to install this digital interface underneath the ubitx board, and put the rx/tx knobs to the sides of the ptt/phones/key jacks. I'll probably keep the Inkits ports pcb on the back, and jump the usb from that to the digital board. 

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