Re: Anyone used the ELEKITSORPARTS digital interface board? Opionons? #ubitx #digital

Cory King

So I got mine and installed it.  Was pretty easy to install, they have a drill template that made it easy to get the holes in the right place. Only complaint was the tiny little black coax wires for the audio were a pain in the arse to strip and solder in.  Should have just used my own wiring.  Windows picked up the drivers with no work on my part.

One thing I’ve noticed is when it transmits the TX audio bleeds through into my speaker.  And we aren’t talking just a faint bleed through but a very loud bleed through that is loudest when the volume is turned down.  If the TX level knob on the board is turned up, the bleed through audio is very clipped and distorted.  If turned down it goes away.

The video has a wiring diagram that says to hook the TX up to the MIC wire and ground—same two wires that go to the mic jack.  However in the video they also show it soldered right into the PCB instead of spliced into the actual wiring harness.  Not sure if that could be responsible for the bleed through or something else is going on.

one other thing, and this isn’t the fault of the kit, but Raduino resets itself upon power up  if the USB is plugged in unless you fix it.  If you don’t, your CAT control won’t work right.

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