V5 Rcv cuts out


uBitx V 5.0 rcv cuts out. Click the PTT and it comes back. May stay or cut out again. 
Poor relay suspected. hfd27/012-s is used for all.
Using relay for small signal is not always ideal as contacts actually do better when actually passing some current. This is an issue when using for switching low level audio as well.
   I use 80 meters mostly so assuming its relTed to one relay.
Some hardware will "exercise" the relays by rapidly switching them on and off to "clean" them. 
I have recovered relays on the bench with a 555 and driving them on and off at a high rate for awhile to recover them.
Old ts430 and 440 relays suffered the same woes especially if radio sits for a year or so at a time and not used.
I suspect old stock and vertually no current to get contacts working.  This is not uncommon.
Is there better relays? Omron? 

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