Re: Does anybody know how to calibrate CEC firmware ?


I am still struggling with this.
I've used the master calibration worksheet and that really helped. However, this was not before getting an upconverter for my SDR so I could hear myself over a dummy load. That finally got me to where I could hear the outcome of my changes to the BFO.
I’m fairly certain I have the master calibration dialed in close enough. And FT8 is on the correct sideband now so I think I’m doing better on the BFO front as well.
WSPR beacon finally works and have been my first verified spots using the ubitx.
But receiving anything is incredibly difficult. I heard plenty of CW today because of the contest. SSB is another story. Where I know there are voices to be heard, they are very faint. The entire band is solid noise. (Granted I know there are plenty of other factors - and should I verify any of those absolutely first before assuming it’s still a ubitx/cec problem?)
Is there a certain range the BFO must fall within? (v5) and could there a radio have multiple “good/decent” settings for either the master calibration or the BFO?

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