Re: Help needed with KD8CEC memory manager


For exhibiting the USB serial issue, can't get much simpler than my setup. I'm running a brand-new V5, completely stock, no mods, CEC 1.2 F/W, USB cable direct from Nano to a Windows notebook. The voltage concerns with the uBITX V5 board appear to be primarily the LM386 version (some cannot tolerate >12V), and the dissipation of the Raduino 5-volt regulator. I run 13.8 Volts, and since the LM386 is socketed, if it smokes I'll replace it with a a known higher voltage version (LM386N-4).

Since I have a bunch of Nano's on hand, I plan on loading up the W0EB/W2CTX ubitx_V2_00R F/W in one and playing with it.

72 de Paul/N6MGN

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