Re: Help needed with KD8CEC memory manager


Yes, exactly right, knitnerd. Thinking about Andy's post too, I was out doing further testing. I determined that the USB cable has to be attached, and powering up the Nano to be successful. If the Nano is already powered up from the uBITX board/power supply, the communications fail. I've been looking through the CEC source code to see if I can track it down. I recall serial not working right on UNO's if the USB cable was not already attached at the point of "Serial.begin()," but need to look at some of my older project code to see what the issue was and how I worked around it. I'm just glad it appears to be a firmware issue that we can easily remedy.

I had been avoiding powering the entire Raduino from the USB port on my notebook since it may overcurrent and shut down the port. I would usually just pop off the Nano and reprogram it so I never saw the problem until I wanted to correct the CW behavior. Being mainly a CW op, the default behavior of displaying the RX instead of TX frequency is a show-stopper.

Thanks to Andy and knitnerd for helping narrow down the failure mode!

72 de Paul/N6MGN

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