Re: Troubleshooting uBitx - newbie #ubitx-help

howard winwood G4GPF

There is a wrong wiring diagram with the kit, the brown and black wires to the volume potentiometer are reversed, black should go to centre contact (wiper), brown to outer and red to other outer contact.looking from the back of the potentiometer (volume control ) with the 3 pins to the top, red is left, black centre and brown to right.
For the encoder board wiring pin 1 the orange wire, is shown going to the FB contact which is the push switch of the encoder, when you push the shaft of the encoder it will short this wire to the brown wire (pin 3) which is and.
Connecting pin 1 to pin 3, or FB to GND then disconnecting, should change the LCD display which will say BAND?   ----->
Con/discon should put you back to normal.
If you are getting a relay click and CW on the display - have you installed the 4.7k resistor? You MUST have this installed or the Ubitx will go into CW transmit mode regardless of the encoder.
Does the tx LED glow red ? 

On Mon, 18 Nov 2019, 01:37 , <neknosbig@...> wrote:
Greetings - First,I new to both the uBitx and new to building radios.  I've wired up the uBitx with an case.  I have power, but I think I may have done something incorrect with the audio and encoder.
1) Audio - when I turn up the volume, there is a tone that increases in pitch, then goes to static about half way from low to high.
2) When I turn the encoder it starts with LSB 7.150, the relay click sound happens and it  says CW - nothing else happens if I push in the encoder stem.  No frequency change or other options.

On the encoder I had black, red, brown, and orange wire.  I assume that orange is yellow in other online photos and is wired accordingly. 
I'm looking for some guidance.

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