Re: Squeel and intermittent loss of audio v5

_Dave_ AD0B

I have a similar case on a v4. The bottom front board mounts too close to the bottom and with flex can touch the bottom of the case. I tried adding kapton tape and trimmed the solder points pretty flat. It worked for a while then started back up. It is pretty much a design fault. The parts move more than you would expect. Just needs another 1/4" of clearance. My solution was put a thin layer of plastic under the board. Something like the side of a plastic container. 

When I built the next radio I used a larger case and moved the jacks to the side away from the case floor. I have had this radio for almost a year. 

I purchased the radio with the intermittent shorting used  It was not working because of a bad audio connector and some other issues. Mainly the shorting only occurs when handing the cords. I had not read much about the problem and figured my issue was fairly isolated. 
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