ubix & bitx in enclosures for sale

bill steffey NY9H

I have a ubitx   original in a tentec enclosure and a 40 meter ssb bitx in a plastic enclosure for sale.

Both work as expected....  so many projects ....TOO many projects,,,

60 USD for the bitx     120 USD  for the ubitx  in tentec encl...  both plus freight   should fit in USPS  15$ box,

I MADE A LIST OF STUFF INCLUDING THE UBIT STUFF, BUY WITH ANOTHER 180 ITEMS. if you want the list email me separately- off reflector for a copy by email.         @ny9h

While the list is titled ESTATE SALE...it should have been  PRE- estate sale. my apologies... the National HRO , Johnson Navigator and the Central Electronics are gone. ((prices do NOT include freight.))

bill ny9h

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