Squeel and intermittent loss of audio v5

Maurice Bersan <Vk6hly@...>

Just a heads up if you have a v5 board and are using the universal case with the extra accessory board. The one with Ptt audio and CW jack's mounted on the front panel. I noticed with mine that occasionally when I plugged the mike in I would loose audio and had a loud squeel when I turned the volume down. Problem went away when I removed the mike.. after about an hour of head scratching I found the underside of the accessory board would come in contact with the threaded riser beneath it....the one on the volume pot side of the lower case, which is used to secure the front case stand. Just a minute amount of flexing of the front panel would set it off. I ended up grinding off about 1/32 off the riser for clearance.

Maurice.   Vk6hly

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