Re: Band pass filter

iz oos

Indeed, if the AM station is on mediumwave a BCI filter (just a highpass filter) is the solution. I have had a similar issue with a religious FM channel I heard spread over the 144mhz band. A highpass filter was enough. I hope you can solve it equally well. It also depends on how clean is their TX. But they might be legally compliant (-43db? from the fundamental) but not enough for you.

Il 14/nov/2019 05:29, "Preston" <preston.azcpapro@...> ha scritto:
I am in a condo in Scottsdale, and have tried my new Ubitx on a MFJ 1622 apartment antenna and on a 40 meter half wave center fed dipole.  All I am getting is static on every band with some periodic continuous tones, although it worked in Wisconsin with a dipole.  The ARRL video on Youtube about the Ubitx says at the end, that there is an AM station within a mile that causes problems with the receiver.  They say to buy or build a band pass filter.  I am wondering if this is my problem.  Has anyone run into this?  If so, is there a brand and model that has worked for you?

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