Re: Nextion 5" display noise #ubitx #nextion #noise

MVS Sarma

I had simar issue even wirh 2.8 nextion.

 I placed a 2uH inductor in series with 5v line goingbto nextion and a decoupling capacitor of 100uF16v at the nextion side to ground.  

That has reasonably reduced the rumbling noise created after introduction of Nextion display.  Hope it helps.

Sarma vu3zmv

On Mon, 11 Nov 2019, 9:54 am Justin Phillips K5AXL, <dolmdemon@...> wrote:
I have a v5 uBITX in Sunil's 5" case with audio amp kit. Audio sounds just fine until I power the Nextion display. It's got a terrible buzz, and you can hear digital noises when the display changes, or when you turn the encoder. 

I've run separate power for the display and the noise remains. I Also tried powering the display with a battery pack, the noise is just as bad. How do you get this noise out? 

Also, my audio (when not influenced by the display) sounds very tinny and a bit high pitch, and it doesn't seem to change when adjusting the BFO much at all.. any ideas?

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