Re: Wiring question - Nextion case


Thanks guys. 

I ran into the front panel board problem - after I’d soldered the board (I built it first since it was “simplest”j.  The front of the jacks are set back from the edge of the board.  Thankfully, I have a Dremmel and the trace was far enough from the edge that I could ground the board back so things would fit. 

Looking at the pictures for powering the audio amp, agc board and fan (and expecting to add a CW filter later), I’m not crazy about having all those wires soldered to the small contacts below the relay on the bottom of the ubitx board.  I’m thinking about pulling gnd, 12v xmit and 12v rcv to a terminal strip so I can add only one wire each below the board and connect the 3-4 others on the strip. 

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