Re: Wiring question - Nextion case

Ian Reeve

The pcb does need a little talc to make everything fit.The connectors I suggest are not soldered in until the jacks are fitted and a assembly dry run done.on mine the edge of the pcb needed to be filed back to ensure jacks sufficiently poke through to be fixed with the round threaded fixings.Once that is done assemble the connectors and make sure there is sufficient room for the main pcb.Again on mine the holes for some connector pins was not in perfect alignment.Hope this helps

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On an aside, if you haven't assembled the front panel board yet make sure you solder the digital and analog sockets pulled back towards the edge as much as you can. And when you solder the jacks on, make sure they're pulled forward as much as you can, however much play in the holes you have. Mine is so tight i have to press the harnesses in and a bit of an angle to squeeze them in behind the jacks. The jacks are so far back i couldnt get the nuts to get any thread, I wound up using the old ones from the stock ubitx kit, they seemed to get more thread to bite.

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