Re: Using Vacuum Tube heathkit as Linear Amplifier for QRP

Gordon Gibby

FABULOUS!!!!!!   That is way ahead of me, and probably an even better way to do exactly what I was doing!!!!!   Thank you for providinig that information!   

It looks like this works quite well.   I saw that in the schematic but buzzed past, never realzing that was probably the exact type step-up transformer just like what I was using!!!    

An even easier way to do what I was working on.    I'll be talking about these amplifiers to our local ham club on Wednesday.   What a great addition, your article makes.    

To resurrect these ancient and great transceivers, generally all one has to do is replace their electrolytic compacitors in the power supply.   And there are two on the main transceiver board as well.    Just that simple work (I'm going to make a printed circuit board for myself to make it easier) gives you what may be a very cheap power amplifier for the wonderful bitx devices.   

I've been able amazingly to get the transceiver for $100 and the power supply for $100 also, often.    What a huge amount of radio for such little $$.    Replace the VFO with a signal from the Raduino (it works great) and you have a computer controllable radio.    I've written that up before.   


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