Re: Using Vacuum Tube heathkit as Linear Amplifier for QRP

Rajendran Mayilsamy

Thanks Gorden for info and do post the rough schematic ..tnx n 73 Rajendran

On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 2:26 PM Gordon Gibby <docvacuumtubes@...> wrote:
What Allison suggested was to resistively load the transformer upping the impedance of the signal.   So I provided a 2500 ohm load on the hi impedance side.  

I’ll draw up a rough schematic later 



On Nov 10, 2019, at 03:44, Rajendran Mayilsamy <mrajsuba@...> wrote:

Dear OM Gordon Gibby, pl share the info shared by OM Allision about the using of Heath tube type txcvr final  and me to having a HW101 and would like to modify it..

Allison gave some much needed advice on this crazy idea months back,--This info pse

 73 de Rajendran,VU2SMM

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