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Tom, wb6b

On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 06:09 AM, Charles Hill wrote:
latest STM32F SDR Project
That is totally cool. I just bought the same STM32F769I-DISCO board for a data acquisition and controller project. Now I going to need to use all my willpower not to get diverted from the project at hand to making an SDR out of it, or connecting it to my uBitx. 

This is a great board has lots of audio processing capability and double precision floating point. Plus four mems microphones on the board. I suppose there is some software that processes the four microphones to create a directional or other composite microphone from the four. 

For those that don't want to spend $80, there is a STM32F429I-DISCO board that has a smaller touch screen LCD display, but still has way more computing power than the Blue Pills. It, also, has some audio specific features. 

In my case the choice was made because the UI with the capacitance touch screen is much better than the resistive touch screen of the lesser expensive board.

Charles, please let us know where to find the code for this and the SDR project you mentioned in the video. I'd love to learn more about the SDR capabilities of the STM32F769 and STM32F429 chips with some examples I can relate to-- Ham Radio. 

Is the project done (or importable into) in STM32Cube or Mbed? Those are the two development environments I'm currently using. 



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