Re: Does anybody know how to calibrate CEC firmware ?

David Forrest

The standard sources like the Tune Up page at (for v4, v5 is a bit different with the calibration, with the uBitx transmitting what it thinks is 10MHz while you detect and read the frequency from an external device) and tell you the mechanics of doing the calibration, but I think they miss explaining the purpose.

“Calibration / Set to Zero Beat” attempts to adjust the Raduino clock frequency to match a standard by adjusting to a reference signal.  The factory calibration likely gets you well within 10ppm, and that is close enough to work with—the frequencies indicated will be within 300Hz of the actuals, or 6 x 50Hz steps on the uBitx frequency dial.  If you chase after 1ppm accuracy, you could end up be chasing local temperature variations or remote frequency variations that are smaller than the 50Hz/30MHz=1.6ppm step of the frequency dial.

The BFO (also called "Carrier" or “usbCarrier” in the source code) is more important because it is the final IF frequency and is what gets heterodyned into audio.  V3&V4 boards use 12MHz (or 11995000Hz) and the V5 boards use about 11MHz (or 11053000Hz). Adjusting the BFO changes the IF heterodyning and with it the sideband window that gets filtered and decoded into audio, either including the carrier, warping the audio frequencies high or low, or pushing audio out of the filter bandwidth.

So, being mis-calibrated on the master calibration essentially makes your frequency reading on the dial off by a few steps or ppm, but being mis-calibrated in “BFO" interferes with the LSB/USB signal decoding and thereby the audio quality.


On Nov 7, 2019, at 9:00 AM, Adrien F4IJA <adrien.grelet@...> wrote:

Hi there,

I try to figure out how to calibrate the CEC firmware in order to receive good signals.

I think I have understood how to set up the master calibration :

But now, I can receive only very few signals and I have to things I can change, that are the "Set calibration" menu and the "Set the BFO" menu.

On the internet, I didn't found anything satisfying on what are they used for, what are the values you change and the impact.

In the set calibration menu, you can go up or down with negative values, but what does this value stand for ?

Also, on the Set BFO, it seems that you can adjust around 12MHz, but what for ?

Thank you a lot if you have any informations about that :-)
Adrien F4IJA

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