Does anybody know how to calibrate CEC firmware ?

Adrien F4IJA <adrien.grelet@...>

Hi there,

I try to figure out how to calibrate the CEC firmware in order to receive good signals.

I think I have understood how to set up the master calibration :

But now, I can receive only very few signals and I have to things I can change, that are the "Set calibration" menu and the "Set the BFO" menu.

On the internet, I didn't found anything satisfying on what are they used for, what are the values you change and the impact.

In the set calibration menu, you can go up or down with negative values, but what does this value stand for ?

Also, on the Set BFO, it seems that you can adjust around 12MHz, but what for ?

Thank you a lot if you have any informations about that :-)
Adrien F4IJA

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