Re: uBitx V3 low power continues


OK.  Now that you fellows have reminded dad me of what I've forgotten over time, let's revisit some of those points.  Scope is set to .5ųs/div. The probe is 1x, as I'm getting nothing while using the 10x option:

Here is TP 3 (RV1 wiper) @ 20ųv/div:

TP 4 (C90) @ 20ųv/div:

TP 5 (R95) @ .2V/div:

TP 6 (R92) (ibid):

TP 7 (T11-5) @ 2V/div:

Please note that I have a pot on the CW level and have that down by about half. Here's TP 7 at full output (same settings):

Aaannnd, here's an approximate 600-Hz whistle into the mic (same settings):

This will hopefully give a better impression of where things are.

With much appreciation,


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