bitx v3 zero pa output

David Nelson

I have an bitx v3 with stock firmware. It was working fine with good output on all bands. Very good receive. I did not use it 
for a couple of weeks then when I started to use it again receive was fine but zero output. Thought it was my meter but I
tried some other meters with same results. Tried meter on another radio. Meter works fine. Tried listening on another
receiver and could hear myself very faintly. M y only test gear is a pretty good dmm. Replaced tr relay no change. Replaced
both irf510. Now when I key the mike instead of showing tx on display the display goes blank and I get a squeel. I do not know
if I have counterfiet 510 or I need to redo the bias adjustments. I found a test fixture on the net and built it. Both the old
510 and the new test good. I am retired heavy equipment mechanic at 82 yo and all I know about electronics is self taught.
Greatfull for any advice  anyone has for me.  Dave kc2ipx

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