Re: ubitx v5 receive problem


Then there is the AGC, as built by VK3YE...
Three enhancements, easy built, easy incorporated, and your uBITx V5 works like a far more expensive rig...

Happy ubitxinging

Op 2-11-2019 om 16:39 schreef howard winwood G4GPF:
Thanks for that Curt, sounds logical, why did I not think of that!!!!
I would have thought that bfo would be something they set at factory, but obviously not. Frequency set up was spot on so didn't think to check bfo settings. Will have a play when I get a minute.
Thanks once again

On Sat, 2 Nov 2019, 15:30 Curt via Groups.Io, <> wrote:

I don't have any v5 experience but sounds like your BFO calibration may be off. Note the positioning of this oscillator relative to the crystal filter determine what is heard, I imagine it is the issue. Instructions on bfo calibration are around, but use something provided for v5. It should sound nice when properly adjusted.

Your makeshift antenna should receive fine on lower bands, but may be insensitive on some higher bands.



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