Re: Downloading firmware

Mike Kilpatrick <mike.kilpatrick@...>

To the original person who asked the question:


The simple answer is “No”.  You need to have some form of software on your computer to enable communication with the Arduino Nano in your uBitx.

If you email me at mike.kilpatrick@... I can send you step by step instructions that will make it very easy.


I tried to send them to your email address as shown at the header on your question but it bounces back.




From: yrralguthri@...
Sent: Saturday, November 2, 2019 09:42
Subject: [BITX20] Downloading firmware


Are there files I can simply copy to a thumb drive and connect this thumb drive to the ubitx and allow it to update?

I'm not understanding the procedures I see on the ubitx sites on how to update the firmware.  I've just bought and wired a ubitx, it works, but I would like to update it to the KD8CEC firmware that works with the standard two-line display.  


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