ubitx v5 receive problem

howard winwood G4GPF

just completed my ubitx v5 built into a ready made case, everything went together as expected, on switch on, nothing from speaker but headphones ok. found a short across the speaker terminals on the front panel circuit board (my fault!).
receive sounds very noisy, when a long wire is connected (not a proper antenna yet....) I get a massive increase in noise, very hard to distinguish stations even with volume control turned down. Also find it difficult to tune into a ssb contact.
I have an old home made tx/rx (about 40 years old) that picks up signals much better with almost no noise on same piece of wire than ubitx and tunes into ssb signal very easily on its analogue vfo, compared to ubitx.
is this normal for ubitx or do I have a problem?
Ubitx is supposed to have a sensitive receiver but due to the high noise level does not seem as sensitive as my old rig who's arial input goes straight into a diode ring mixer.
anyone have any ideas please?

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