Re: uBitx V3 low power continues


Hi Ted,

I hope you are recovering well from you surgery and infection.  That's tough breaks for sure.

I think from your former post, you said you have an oscilloscope?  If this was my board, I would start going through it using the 'scope.  For example, rather than just assuming the PA chain works OK because it gets warm, put the rig on 80m and follow the CW signal through.  Check the gain on each stage and make sure it all looks good that way.

For SSB, put a tone out of your cell phone (lots of aps for that) onto the mic and follow that signal.  You should be able to see the audio signal right at the mic and then see gain in each stage up to the mixer.  Then you should see the signal at RF and keep following it.

While not exactly the same rig, this site will show you how signals look as you follow them through the rig.  Signal tracing on the TX side is not too bad since the signals are all reletively large.



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