bitx40, sk

Ashhar Farhan

This is a little disappointing, but we had to pull the plug on the bitx40 run. The sales were sparse and frankly it had become a bit of a frankenstien.
There were too many connectors that one could plug in the wrong place, we moved from analog vfo (that drifted due to heating of the predriver) to raduino which wasn't well integrated. 

However, it was a bit deal for us all. It was first time we could ship a full ssb transceiver for 50 dollars. This went over and above the ARRL challenge that wanted just parts for $50. We could build, test and ship it for that price point. postage for a challenge and we ended up with going over the $50 mark, but it served many well. Once you had it going, it performed pretty well. it had a triple tuned front-end and the currently favourite 'down conversion' to 12 MHz IF.

We will miss this one, but all is not gone. Sunil continues to ship the bitx20v3 kits which can be modded to 40 meters. if time permits and some in the group volunteer, we could update the original bitx with a more contemporary design while preserving the original's bidirectional, single conversion scheme. Until then, we will continue to see more scratch built bitxs, a kind of return to the roots.

- f 

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