Re: #bitx40 New BitX40 firmware release with Roger Beep function #bitx40

Ken Hansen

The beep is commonly referred to as a Roger Beep these days.

Opinions on CB vary by time (decade) and location - during the late 70s, when 'skip' was the order of the day, it was a generally fun thing in both the CA and NJ areas I lived in, and sidebanders stuck to frequencies between 11 and 10 meters, AMers stuck between 12 and 11 meters.

In the 80s, it seemed like the 'CB scene' turned into amplifier festivals, and that persisted in certain cultures to today (every year in Belton Hamfest there's a few guys selling multi "pill" amplifiers that look like horrible home brew projects.

In the 60s I think CB was fairly gentlemanly, but that's based on things I read, not experienced.

Most hams that disparage CBers assume they will bring their 10-codes and odd speech mannerisms to their local repeater and reflect badly on their hobby. 

Many hams in my area were once 'big' on CB, running power, beams, etc. and having a few hundred watts of linear power in their mobile.

Where I live now, DFW, there is still a very active REACT club, much to my surprise, and REACT still advertises in CQ magazine as I recall.

Ken, N2VIP

On Oct 28, 2019, at 12:40, Donald <donwestpwl@...> wrote:

I shall never understand this bias against CB radio. I do hope it only occurs in the U.S.A.

Donald, KB5PWL

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