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Donald <donwestpwl@...>

Okay, you want to hate CB radio, hate it. I might have become a ham when I was a teenager, but the only ham in my area was a less-than-amiable person who didn't want to bother with me. It was, in fact, a CBer-turned-ham who encouraged and helped me get a ham license.

Fortunately for me, I didn't judge all hams by the first one I met.

Donald, KB5PWL

On 10/28/2019 1:13 PM, ajparent1/KB1GMX wrote:

OM mode and some history.

The roger beep was not a common thing until the CB  mess broke down
in the early 80s and it was often accompanied with  other electronic noise
makers and profanity.  Then that mess started move into the lower (cw)
sections of the 10M band and they got tired of freebanding.

Most of us back when that used CB found it annoying and unneeded especially
for SSB.  The general feeling is it was those that were disruptive or trying to
feel like they were running something important doing it initially.  It was
especially noxious when it appeared in the 80s.  Then it became a feature
on CB radios (a signal that those that were modified for non CB allocated
frequencies) and later Chinese made HTs.

One questions the importance of the beep and its need.  For the Space activities 
(Mercury and later) it was needed as the communications were actually full duplex
on the data links and you had to have some way of knowing when the other guy
was done as in really did release the button and it was also to confirm the
button didn't stick as in heard in the astronauts headphone when he released 
the button (or VOX).  Until CB adopted it if you heard a over beep  is was likely
a repeater (usually ham) or space based radio (space program).

To date I know of the use of "over beep" appearing is standard communications
systems, those being Space program, Repeaters, military systems that use
satellite links, and CB.

Personally I don't care, if its short and unobtrusive.  It does however represent 
a range of what one can do with a MPU of reasonable power and programming.


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