Re: How to secure the inductors


Greetings from ZS land :-)

Timing of question is perfect!  Reason being is that I am nearing assembly stage of my V3 uBitx now that the hardware design / fabrication is almost complete and due to space limitations, I need to reduce overall height of main board / components in one area by a couple of mm. The items that are proving too high are the toroids associated with the mixers.

On inspection, I notice that there are plastic / nylon bases (well at least they melt if prodded with the tip of a hot soldering iron!) between the pcb and the toroid serving to keep the windings in position (I guess?).  My plan is to remove so that each 'transformer' assembly will be lowered and hence allow use of the case I am building. An alternative (but this is likely to be more disruptive than just lowering) is to mount the transformers on their side.

Hence my interest in this topic as wondering if by removing the toroid base (or changing orientation but keeping the relative 90 degree alignments) there will be any (significant) difference to performance?

Anyone care to comment?

I have thought about making a temporary harness to test prior to undertaking the modifications but hopefully someone who can advise will make that step unnecessary. Then again, I am thinking that if this was a VHF or above unit then yes, there would more than likely be a difference but at HF I doubt it. Guess is better to ask than find out the hard way!

As an aside, my intention is to test after assembly BEFORE adding enhancements / changing the firmware...

Many thanks in advance for any and all feedback.

Best regards to all

Nigel ZS6RN ex G8DEV (l-o-n-g time ago)

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