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Robert D. Bowers

Simple: Many people into CB like to get their hands on our gear, make them work on 11 meters, and royally screw them up (adding "pingers', "echoboxes", removing ALC, you name it) - and many of them try to bootleg on amateur frequencies.  Add to that the motormouths and worse (when in React many years ago, I was witness to a motormouth jamming attempts to get help to a snake-bit little girl, who died because we couldn't get through "I have a RIGHT to do whatever I want on the radio!!!").  CB in the US really got ugly in a hurry in the 70s, and went downhill from there.


On 10/28/19 1:39 PM, Donald wrote:

Thank you, Allard, for sharing your work.

I shall never understand this bias against CB radio. I do hope it only occurs in the U.S.A.

Donald, KB5PWL

On 10/27/2019 10:18 PM, RICHARD wrote:

WoW !  Now we have a real CB radio!


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Ahhhh. The “CB” beep.  



On Oct 27, 2019, at 7:34 PM, Allard PE1NWL <pe1nwl@...> wrote:


I've just released Raduino v1.29, download it from

New in this release:
  • Added Roger Beep (NASA style "Quindar Tone" as used in Apollo missions).
PTTsense, RXTX and CWcarrier mods must be installed for this feature to work.
Press Function Button 7 times to toggle this function on/off.
It's OFF by default as some find it annoying. Others find it helpful in pile-up situations though.
Use responsibly!

Happy BitX-ing!

73 Allard PE1NWL


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