Re: #bitx40 New BitX40 firmware release with Roger Beep function #bitx40


Ahhhh. The “CB” beep.  



On Oct 27, 2019, at 7:34 PM, Allard PE1NWL <pe1nwl@...> wrote:


I've just released Raduino v1.29, download it from

New in this release:
  • Added Roger Beep (NASA style "Quindar Tone" as used in Apollo missions).
PTTsense, RXTX and CWcarrier mods must be installed for this feature to work.
Press Function Button 7 times to toggle this function on/off.
It's OFF by default as some find it annoying. Others find it helpful in pile-up situations though.
Use responsibly!

Happy BitX-ing!

73 Allard PE1NWL


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