Re: CW/SSB Quarz filter with tunable bandwidth #ubitxcw #cw filter #ssb filter #ubitxcw #ssb #cw

Brent Minchey

I'll throw my weapon of choice into the pile: the NEScaf  switched capacitive audio filter

From the description:
It is more flexible than previous filters for QRP rigs. It has two panel-mounted controls — a single center-detent potentiometer that sets the center frequency of the filter’s bandpass (default value settable between ~415Hz and ~1kHz), and a dual-ganged potentiometer that provides a continuously variable bandwidth control (from ~60Hz to ~1500Hz). This ability to smoothly vary the bandwidth is very useful.

QRP Club of New England used to offer this as a kit. I scratched together a Manhattan build and I'm tickled with it. Sound quality of the two cascaded Butterworth filters is fine and doesn't get weird until cranked down to 60Hz.  I find tuning tuning the center frequency over to the answering station a lot easier and more intuitive than messing with a receiver offset. 

Brent WT4U

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