Re: uBITX V5 not working PTT #ubitx-help

Gary Anderson

Hello Tamas,
PTT is handled by A3 on the Arduino Nano.  I would check that your PTT wiring is driving the A3 pad/pin low with respect to the GND on the Nano when your PTT switch is pressed.
(this may be what you mean by "Amin is also 0 V by default."
If your wiring is correct and that pad/pin does go LO (logic low) when PTT is pressed, it is indicating a faulty Nano that needs to be replaced.  Easy to do and many here will help you if you have concerns/issues.
It is fairly common to have an Electrical Over Stress / ElectroStatic Discharge event that damages a CMOS Input/Output buffer. 

You don't want to wire a switch that shorts T/R to ground.

By the way your written English is very good.  "Sorry, my English!" was the only clue you are not a native speaker.


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