Re: CAT Control Timeout with N1NM Logger #ubitx #cat #v5

Ashhar Farhan

Wow, i never figured it would even work. What rig have you selected? It works as ft-817.
- f

On Sat 26 Oct, 2019, 8:30 PM Dean Souleles, <dsouleles@...> wrote:
Hi all - 

Looking for advice with CAT control and N1NM logger.

Working the world wide SSB contest this weekend. Having a CAT control problem I haven't experience before  Using the N1NM logger with CAT control I'm getting periodic "Radio 1 Stopped Responding" messages from the N1NMM software in the bandmap window.  I hit the "Reset Radio" button in N1NM and it reconnects.  I don't experience any problems in HRD, WSJTX or FLDIGI.

My configuration:
ubitx V5 with CD8CEC software V1.2
Windows 10 laptop - connected to ubitx via laptop USB port
N1NM Logger - V 1.0.7845 configured as follows:
Yaesu FT-817
Speed:38400, Parity:N, Data bits: 8, Stop Bits: 2
DTR: Always On, RTS:Always On
Radio NR:1
Radio polling rate: Normal
None of the option buttons are checked.

I've systematically tried changing the speed, DTR and CTS Settings and polling rate and none of the setting seem to make any difference.  

Is anyone else using N1NM with the ubitx?  Would appreciate any make participating in the contest somewhat frustrating!



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