µBITX : Try starting to build a new kit .....

Behiels Jean-Pierre

Evening Erich;


Thanks again for your kindly help instructions.

I was waiting for the multiband QCX but he is announced very early this year,but I wait and wait a long time nothing till today ??

I do have a lot of info now Erich.

I think I have enough to start with !!

Beginning like you say by building the standard µBITX himself and get him running hi ……

I can suggest you one big nice subject concerning a CW keyer addition,built the example from K3NG : https://github.com/k3ng/k3ng_cw_keyer

A great keyer with a lot of functions on it and easy and small addition to built.

I do have one built hier on the desk,witch I use with my other transceivers for keying them ….

I will sure follow your instructions to start with …

This is also a nice building kit but despite of all only for 3 hambands : http://www.kn-electronic.de/Bausaetze/QRP-99V.html

For that particular reason I choose for building the multiband µBITX !!!



With kindly regards Jean ON4AEF.



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OK Jean

I found most Infos here:

Thats the creator of the CEC firmware 
This Firmware has build in the support for the Nextion Displays and further supports the S-Meter.
The AGC from kit-projects.com can be connected direct to the Nextion without any more Hardware.
They write in the instruction (this you can only see this in your Downloads if you bought this product):
"S-Meter Tap
Last but not least is the S-meter. The tap has been tested and setup for the CEC firmware via the A7
pin. If you would like to use a external S-meter some form of calibration circuit will be needed.
This has also been tested and working with the TSW BITeensio via Pin A19 "

The Nextion Screen It was hard to find....at least I found them in Amazoon from a seller in UK.
- I choosed the 2.8" because its sure this works, 2. Its enough big otherwise the TX becomes big. (the Yaesu FT-991 has also not a bigger one)


The Audio Filter are Universal or CW (you must choose by order). The Universal is more wide. If you alsi work SSB better the universal, if you work more CW the the CW. The CW has 2 LED 1. matching the 700Hz and 2. Overload.

I also make the plan:
1. uBITX must run perfect in Original Edition

3. Load the CEC Fimware (CEC ist the Firmware from KD9CEC (www.hamskey.com - see above)
(the CEC Firmware runs also with the Original Display 16x2) - this firmware replaces the Original.
4. apply the Nextion Display

Additional I will do:
- An additional Audio output (3.5mm Audio) for connection to a PC for eg FLGigi etc for a Waterfall
This I connect by the Otuput of AGC (its the High connection for the Volume potentiometer- - the AGC pulls down this point if the sigs are too loud - so I also have no overload in the Waterfall on PC)
- Pressing the VFO/Tuning is the Button for reching the menue. I will make an additional Button for this. Because if you press the VFO-Knob maybe you turn a bit on the VFO for Frequency.
- if the build in Keyer is not so comfortable to handle then I build a keyer with the IC K16 IC  https://hamcrafters2.com/K16IC.html  ( I already made abt 5 pcs.. works perfect)
(make then 5 Buttons 1/M 2 3 4 for Menu and Messages and a button direct for tuning (if you have eg an automatic antenna tuner) 

I know - at beginning you know nothing but you have to know all - later you know all but deep knowledge is no more necessary.

The case I made a bit bigger as necessary (Its now like an A4 paper). I have space to build in additional modules.
eg an Audio amplifier and a speaker.


I have now time to plan and organize all this things (I hope perfect) here from TA3  - because all must be ready when I travel back for 1 week to HB9. After 1 week in HB9 travelling continous to EA8 - and there I assemble the uBITX. So I must have all parts ready to take with me.


OK Jean hope this helps ... feel free to contact me - 


73 Erich


btw: also own 4 QCX from Hans.... Now I am planning to visit him in TA4 Dalyan its abt 350 km from here TA3 Ayvalik.


vy 73 Erich Rieder

Webseite ist NEU unter: http://www.hb9fih.org


Am 2019-10-21 21:38, schrieb Behiels Jean-Pierre:

Evening Erich,


First of all my big thanks for your first help and info's around the µBITX subject.

The info about the NIXTION screens I could not direct find on HF signals,was this,or is this a available kit to order ?

All other things you presume I do have found.

I like to obtain a µBITX with a TFT screen on it,with all this nice information on it like S-meter and signal bandscope and so on ..

I do have to change from standard µBITX software to another version to obtain those features I understood well ?

I do have to find a lot and to read before I can start.

But I already can start to buy the Standard µBITX kit from Fahran on www.hfsignals.com

Despite I do have receive poor respons from other builders concerning my question and E-mail,about starting with this nice project..

I hope I can finish it all in good order ...

I just have found this website where is a lot on : http://ubitx.net/

I hope this will help me further on the way to start build the kit...



With kindly regards Jean ON4AEF.



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Bonjour Jean-Pierre

I am (was) in same progress / state for decisions. But now I have ordered all parts for me.

- AGC - bestellt (from kit-projects.com)
- CW Filter (300/1000Hz) - bestellt (from SOTABEAMS)

- Touch Display 2.8" - bestellt - (from hf-signals)
- ALU Case - the Parts from a manufacturer in Germany

Here in my blog I write all about my uBITX build: http://www.hb9fih.org/?p=p_629&sName=ubitx-2019

I am still in TA3 - mid of November all parts should be arrive (some are already arrived) in HB9.

I will start in December in my QTH on EA8 to build them up.




Virusvrij. www.avast.com

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