µBITX : Try starting to build a new kit .....

Behiels Jean-Pierre

Evening Erich,


First of all my big thanks for your first help and info’s around the µBITX subject.

The info about the NIXTION screens I could not direct find on HF signals,was this,or is this a available kit to order ?

All other things you presume I do have found.

I like to obtain a µBITX with a TFT screen on it,with all this nice information on it like S-meter and signal bandscope and so on ..

I do have to change from standard µBITX software to another version to obtain those features I understood well ?

I do have to find a lot and to read before I can start.

But I already can start to buy the Standard µBITX kit from Fahran on www.hfsignals.com

Despite I do have receive poor respons from other builders concerning my question and E-mail,about starting with this nice project..

I hope I can finish it all in good order …

I just have found this website where is a lot on : http://ubitx.net/

I hope this will help me further on the way to start build the kit…



With kindly regards Jean ON4AEF.



E-mail : ON4AEF@...








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Bonjour Jean-Pierre

I am (was) in same progress / state for decisions. But now I have ordered all parts for me.

- AGC - bestellt (from kit-projects.com)
- CW Filter (300/1000Hz) - bestellt (from SOTABEAMS)

- Touch Display 2.8" - bestellt - (from hf-signals)
- ALU Case - the Parts from a manufacturer in Germany

Here in my blog I write all about my uBITX build: http://www.hb9fih.org/?p=p_629&sName=ubitx-2019

I am still in TA3 - mid of November all parts should be arrive (some are already arrived) in HB9.

I will start in December in my QTH on EA8 to build them up.


Virusvrij. www.avast.com

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