µBITX : Try starting to build a new kit .....

Behiels Jean-Pierre


Hi members;


I like to receive some additional documentation and info and possible some suggestions from experienced builders.

I like to buy a standard µBITX kit,but I will also add the already published modifications ,if they are ..

I do not exactly who they are and where I can found a full documentation of those mods ?

Like a full colour touch screen and many released mods and useful add-on features …


  • I hear talking about some NEXTION screens and so on ….
  • Updated software implementations ?
  • K5BCQ kits ?


Could some of you point me in the right direction where I can found what like components (NEXTION screen) some add -on kits and of course the building documentation and information.

So I can read a lot,before I make a decision for full add-on µBITX kit with some additional features ?

I hope some people µBITX builders could give me the correct suggestions,and help to start with


Kindly regards Jean ON4AEF.





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