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On the input to the VOX push to talk switch transistor, I used to use a 47K but we switched to a 4.7K to get a little better sensitivity for that circuit.  It’s still presents almost 0 loading to the audio source.   

I use the extremely cheap adafruit 1475 usb sound dongle , but probably there are much better ones out there— if anyone has ever found a study comparing them I’d be very interested

A good number of these are what is called “classless “. They don’t require any drivers other than what comes already in your computer.  I don’t completely understand that, but they work with raspberry pie as well as windows

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​If he has a 47K, you can just slip the 4.7K in parallel, solder to the original leads of the 47K and it will be about 4K and work fine.   

There just isn't that much that is "critical"

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 Thanks for the reply!


 I do apologize for the mix up I built a lot of them in a haze and must have mixed them up. Again very sorry about the mix up.



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