Re: uBITX v5.1 and uBITX_Manager_V1.11 problem

Herman Scheper

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Look in next link. With this information it works for me……




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Van: <> Namens Herman Scheper
Verzonden: donderdag 17 oktober 2019 23:05
Onderwerp: Re: [BITX20] uBITX v5.1 and uBITX_Manager_V1.11 problem


First you have to use Xloader software to programm the Arduino nano with the CEC hex file you need. You can find it on the website. I am now on the wrong place to inform you better. It take me a week before i get it running on my ubitx v5. Before have Xloader working take a day for me as Arduino nano rookie.  I printed a lot of information all coming from the Hamskey site.  Veel succes van PA0BAB

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Op 17 okt. 2019 om 22:23 heeft pd0zz@... het volgende geschreven:

Hello, the arduino nano in my newly installed uBITX V5.1 is unreacheble from the program uBITX_Manager_V1.11.
I wanted to install uBITX_CEC_V1.200, but alas, as rookie I can't get it working.
The problem is that uBITX-Manager cannot contact the arduino, even after checking portsettings in win10.
Tell me what to do?
Thanks, Martin



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