Re: Fan Noise from amateurradiokits case kit #bitx20help


I found the 3.5" TFT at the amateurradiokits website.
You have to go to "My Account" dropdown (Orange Button)
Depending on the login state you may have to login.
There you will find a "downloads" link. (7th down)
Download the "uBitx Nextion Case" (last one, takes a while) 
Decompress is and look for a folder called "ubitx nexton case"
In that folder you will see a file "ubitx_35_basic.tft", That is what you want.
I am still waiting on my 3.5" display to be delivered. I am currently using 2.4" display I had for another project.

When you get to building and calibrating the AGC board use the "AGC Details.pdf" file found in the AGC folder!
DON'T download the second folder down (AGC) from the downloads amateurradiokits website. It will not give you ALL the information you need to know.
I used the AGC folder from the "ubitx nexton case" folder. (Spent a couple of days figuring that out.)

As for the uBitx software I used ""
Scroll down to "2. Download the file"

Hope this helps!

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